Wow armory character not updating

* Initiate one-on-one conversations with fellow guild members.

This lets the addon pick up any points you’ve spent. Robot addon (click on the minimap icon or type /amr show). Just scroll down on the character page and follow the instructions!

So I was logged out of game for roughly 5 hours after servers came up and I am still experiencing the same issue.

I will check it again when I wake up in the morning just in case. I took off all my gear(had a lot of legion season 4 gear on), logged out for a second then logged back in and put all my season 4 gear back on and then logged out once more and it updated. My profile has my achievement points listed incorrectly.

3 – Open your artifact weapon as if you were spending points in it. 6 – After you paste it, your character automatically loads with all the right gear. Robot find the best gear in your bags, so you are always equipped with the best stuff while leveling.

2 – Optional: activate each spec one time, in game (this lets the addon read everything for each spec if you’re already playing multiple specs). Paste the text in the addon section, as shown below.


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