Windows mobile facebook not updating

Scroll down for video Facebook is the latest in a line of apps to desert Windows Phones after Microsoft has struggled to compete with Apple and Android devices in recent years.

Skype and Whats App have also withdrawn their services from phones run on Windows.

Facebook's Messenger app will stop working for a number of smartphone users by the end of March.

The social media giant has announced it is ending support for devices running some older versions of the apps, including v55 of the Facebook app and v10 of Messenger on Android.

The full list of devices about to lose support from Facebook includes: v55 of the Facebook app and Messenger v10 on Android, Facebook for i Pad v26, Messenger v8 for i OS and Facebook for i OS released in 2011, Facebook for Windows Phone, Messenger for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, and Facebook for Windows 8 and the 8.1 desktop app.

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As for upgrading to Windows 10, you'll need to Upgrade Advisor app on your phone. Indrek, I have successfully upgraded from 8.1 to Windows 10.

Facebook Messenger is now working after installing Upgrade Advisor App on my phone, downloaded Windows 10 from there, installed the new Messenger for Windows 10took little more than one and a half hour to finish the whole procedure.thanks a lot again. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

If your mobile does not support the latest versions of Facebook, the company recommends going to through your mobile browser.

Defending its decision to end support for older versions, Facebook said in a blog: “Our team spends countless hours making it the best way to message your friends and family.


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