What contitutes dating

Take a look at Extension Library\Discussion Topics\General\Family and Friends\Friends xmlo See ID 14 and the block of code following thato ID 74 is how to get a list of all people who are friends of a persono And the subsequent ops in that block weed out family from that BTW: I think the question is a good one. That would all work, but as I said, NPC-NPC Relationship development is fairly sluggish. I see, in that case I guess I'll only settle for high likelyhood of a parent being together with their spouce in the event - as they'll have the same last name in the event so at least you can tell that there's some relation between them. But I guess, if you changed the gender of a mother to male - she'd still be int Mother - so I guess it's possible...

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Once we know what the driving forces behind your behavior are, we give you a comprehensive solution, not just a quick fix.

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Solo people are easy enough, but I want to get a random pair (2) of people from the list of all people that are:- Married to each other (adults only, right? - basically all straight variations yuri and yaoi).- Dating each other (adults only, students only, and mixed) - gender dependent (male-female, male-futa, etc.

- basically all straight variations yuri and yaoi).


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