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Labels The label can be full of clues as to an item’s age, making it your go-to when dating vintage.Searching for vintage clothing is just as fun as wearing the retro finds.But before your relationship goes any further, you want to know the age gap. Popular sleeve styles in the 1940’s were puff shoulders and cap sleeves, where sleevless styles are very typical of the 60s. Style When dating vintage, the style of the sleeve can often be a telltale sign based on principles of what was fashionable in each decade.Usually, vintage refers to any clothing that is twenty years or older.Therefore, your dress from 1995 now counts as vintage. You must have somewhat of a ‘vintage eye’ to decipher the difference between one dreaded 80’s secretary blouse from another coveted 80’s secretary blouse.

Zippers & Closures Metal zippers were first used in garments in the 1930s, but during that era they were rare.

Dizzy Dreamer started out with my exploding closet of vintage threads.

However, to run a vintage clothing shop, I had to learn a thing or two about vintage clothes.

If you are looking to sell vintage online, you must have a ‘vintage eye’ or your shop will suffer.

I've rounded up the most important tips I've found as a vintage shop owner about how to date your vintage finds.


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