Safety precautions for online dating may dec dating

However, there are risks when talking to strangers – it may be online or offline on the streets.Even though the Waplog team works very hard to keep the website clean of these risk there are scammers all around us in our everyday life so we need to keep our eyes open.For example, you wouldn’t hand out your personal information to a stranger that you meet on a street, and the same should be true of people you meet while dating on the internet.

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Read our tips for more details on how to keep your details secure. An easily compromised password could result in your account being hijacked and worse still, the hacker could use your details for ID theft as well.

Millions of people participate in online dating today and we still aren’t seeing mass disappearances.

However, it is always prudent to exercise a little caution when dating people from the internet.

The safety of online dating is questioned so often because the internet is a place of anonymity.

There are no guarantees that what you see in any single dating profile is what you will get in real life.


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