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The litigious and environmentally radical Sierra Club, backed by Big Green money from billionaires like Tom Steyer, is attempting to block two important pipeline projects in the Marcellus: Dominion’s billion, 594-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), a natural gas pipeline that will stretch from West Virginia through Virginia and into North Carolina; and DTE Energy/Spectra Energy’s NEXUS Pipeline, a billion, 255-mile interstate pipeline that will run from Ohio through Michigan and eventually to the Dawn Hub in Ontario, Canada.

It’s no secret groups like the Sierra Club have tried to stop such projects.

If not, he’s eliminated from the “roster,” which is the term Valerie and her friends use to describe the collection of Tinder guys they are simultaneously messaging or dating.

These women are part of a generation reared on Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer—ambitious, fearless and wildly confident about what they want.

While the Nexus 5X is made by LG, Huawei has stepped up to the plate for the Nexus 6P, bringing top-class design and excellent build quality.

These fashion forward are featured below, in the denim dungarees, checkered shirts and khaki’s that have been the uniform of urban workers for decades transcending ethnicities and even gender.Valerie, like others I interviewed for this story, spoke on the condition that her real name not be used. She lives in a downtown condo and often travels internationally for work.Like The Suit, she’s an aggressive, high-functioning, time-strapped professional, and she found that men who worked downtown were more likely to share her pragmatic approach to dating. Giving Tinder conquests nicknames helps Valerie and her girlfriends keep track of who’s who during their daily debriefs. There was Miami Vice (drove a white Range Rover and had a slicked-back ’80s hairdo), Bromeo (who bragged about his designer loafers) and Sweater Vest—a nice guy who took her to the AGO and invited her to a friend’s housewarming party, but ultimately, Valerie didn’t feel a spark. She says a lot of guys she meets approach dating like an investment, and she checks a lot of boxes—she’s smart, career-driven and a knockout, with Barbie-blond hair and Brooke Shields brows. For Valerie, the advantage of conducting her sex life through her smartphone is that it allows for maximum productivity with minimal effort.But their latest strategy in opposing these two projects is worthy of examination. antitrust laws dating back to the late 1800s in an attempt to claim these pipelines are anti-competitive and therefore should be canceled. The Clubbers are claiming that ACP and NEXUS have an unfair competitive advantage over alternative energy sources, like wind and solar, and therefore should be stopped. The Maelstrom has blown Planet Crux into thousands of worlds before forming into a swirling black hole of chaos energy! Nexus Tower rises from the city’s center, glowing with light from the last shard of Pure Imagination! As a LEGO Universe Minifigure, you can explore in the festive Avant Gardens, then hop in your custom LEGO spaceship and fly to new worlds of creative fun!


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