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he FDA is digging into the data on a revolutionary new approach to treating cancer. At stake: billions of dollars for pharma giant Novartis, a blockbuster race among biotech startups, and a potential breakthrough for patients with aggressive forms of cancer. Telephone company representatives who suspected fraudulent activity and called the numbers heard recordings of fake rings, fake password prompts, fake voicemail messages, music, or dead air on continuous loops. Attorney’s Office National Security Unit in Newark.In 2008, Qasmani, who operated a money laundering and smuggling business in Thailand, agreed to launder proceeds of the scheme for Aziz. Users recently donated frequent flier miles to send 20 needy “Imgurians” home for the holidays, and 20,000 have signed up for its annual Secret Santa gift exchange.There’s also a smaller, seedier side, where contributors who reach the front page request people send them nude photos, and users comment with an unassuming “.” to bookmark erotic content they call “research material”.The question is whether Imgur can keep these private channels from turning into sewers.

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For Aki, she started off with Pokemon like many others but this lead her to Monster Rancher, which made her cry for the first time and really opened her eyes to anime.

There should be a term for how, given long enough, every social app adds a chat feature.

Once the hackers identified unused extensions, they illegally reprogrammed the telephone systems so that they could be used to make unlimited long distance calls, all of which were ultimately charged back to the victim corporations.

Muhammad Sohail Qasmani, 47, formerly of Bangkok, Thailand, pleaded guilty before U. Foreign-based hackers targeted the telephone systems of the victim corporations and placed calls to those systems in an attempt to identify unused telephone extensions.


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