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It was originally just 800 acres owned by John Clark that his father had purchased from Gov. Bridgeport was originally founded in 1853 by Jesse Baughman, and Bridgeport was located right across Granville Street from Gahanna along the banks of the Big Walnut Creek.See if you too regardless of their size, they became associated with physical or otherwise.Everybody wants to know the history of their new town but a lot of people may one understand where the history has been and where it might be going for a particular area.Baughman Proceeded to layout and plat a town on the other side named Bridgeport. It is very clear that Gahanna one out and in 1849 the Gahanna post office was established and still remains at this location. As the town grew schools, churches and more shops and retail was integrated over the years.However, even though Thomas Young was the first Postmaster serving until 1853, he was succeeded by John Baughman, who held the position until 1859. In 1887 the first school house was constructed and remained there to this day.Gets what we call online dating or entertaining night time then of course as a scientist.


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