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All that is except David Rooke, director of flood and coastal risk management.

He pocketed between £10,000 and £15,000 in performance-related pay.

He has modeled for Dunhill and for an upcoming Hugo Boss campaign, and he appeared in Karl Lagerfeld’s book at the Kaiser’s own request—so, yes, he looks quite nice onstage in his trademark fitted suit.

He is the brother of Andres Santo Domingo Dávila and half-brother of Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Jr.

Braga (1958 – March 2009), who was the only child of Julio Mario Santo Domingo and his first wife, Brazilian socialite Edyala Braga.

If you can do that you don’t have to do anything else.”Caveat: He moonwalks every chance he gets. At 36, Timbers is one of Broadway’s most innovative directors—twice nominated for a Tony already, once for Michael Friedman’s superbly funny Charlie Siem apologizes profusely for his delay in calling; he has only just arrived in Scot- land after a missed flight. “I’m actually going shooting with my sister’s husband,” says the Eton-educated 28-year-old, his accent sleekly posh. Until I get out on the fields with my gun and it becomes a complete mess! Known for his graceful stage presence and romantic sound, he recently toured Europe playing selections from , his album of orchestral encores.

His forward-thinking sensibilities have sent him around the space-time curve—and his hair has gone with him.


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